Sep 6 – Sep 30, 2012

While earlier in his career his works possessed a dark, even ominous, quality, his examination of the theme has altered consistently and his palette has become lighter. This is related to the choice of figures themselves, which have become lighter in a different sense of the word. The divers of years past have now been replaced by circus performers, the nomads of mid-air. Never settling, they never go anywhere; it's space that is moved around them.


- Matthew Purvis


Galerie D’Este is proud to present an exhitibition of Costa Dvorezky’s new works entitled Zero Gravity. In this body of work, the body remains at the heart of Dvorezky’s process. This time, the spotlight is on the movements and agility of acrobats suspended in mid-air. Circus props such as hoops and trapezes serve as the only uncertain reference point to contextualize these figures flying across planes of abstract swathes of colour. Dvorezky’s confident brushwork remains as gestural as ever: his painting is at once spontaneous and calculated. With a few strokes, he builds the body, succinctly defining silhouette and muscular tension in the play of light and shadow. Aerial acrobatics put the human figure at odds with gravity and, consequently, the effect of risk. In his works, Dvorezky also expresses the feeling of freedom and lightness that inspires these daredevils to push their bodies to the physical limit.


Born in Russia in 1968, Costa Dvorezky lives and works in Canada. He earned his Master’s at the Stroganov Academy in Moscow in 1993 and has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and North America. His works feature in private collections in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the United States and Canada.




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