Mar 28 – Apr 14, 2013

“Be they traces left in the oil paint in the wake of the artist’s use of incongruous tools, or by the breathing of the paint itself, the pictorial specimen that emerges before our eyes is as unique as DNA.”

 - Émilie Granjon, art historian


Galerie D’Este is proud to present Le palabre des lames, a solo exhibition of Pierre-Yves Girard’s new paintings running from from March 28 to April 14.

This recent work demonstrates the artist’s fascination with the materiality of paint. Using an array of tools to manipulate the paint, he creates a broad range of visual effects which he terms pictorial specimens, defining the forms, textures and extraordinary sense of depth he is known for. In his works, abstraction and figuration coexist and the artist explores the delicate balance between strictly formal characteristics and a more interpretive analysis. Since his process focuses so strongly on the paint itself, the quest for compositional harmony pushes him to construct and deconstruct his imagery, and a dialogue develops between the paintings: they complement or oppose each other. He plays with opacity and translucency, with billowing organic forms and rigid geometric structures. Girard’s discourse is tied to a sense of exploration and discovery that nonetheless reveals the pleasure he takes in redefining what oil paint is capable of.

Born in Chicoutimi in 1982, Pierre-Yves Girard lives and works in Montreal. He obtained his BFA at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2006. In 2005, he was named the Quebec regional winner of the Bank of Montreal’s national First Art! contest. His work now features in their collection. Three of the artist’s works were also acquired by the Loto-Québec Collection in 2012. Girard is a member of Clark Centre since 2006 and his works were auctioned and sold at several iterations of their annual benefit auction. He has participated in several group shows organized by the artists’ collective Le Grand Cercle Traumatique. Most recently, Girard has been selected to do an artist's residency at Centre Sagamie in June 2013.