Oct 31 – Nov 29, 2009

If the works of Ángel Mateo Charris fascinate as much as they intrigue, it is because they invite us into a peculiar universe where reality and fiction collide with stunning exuberance.

- Émilie Granjon, Art Historian
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Westmount, Thursday October 15nd, 2009 - Galerie D'Este is pleased to present the first north-American solo exhibition for Spanish artist Ángel Mateo Charris.

The works of Ángel Mateo Charris invite reflection on an iconographic as much as on an aesthetic level.  Often in panoramic format, they reveal unique universes where realism and ambiguity come together. Inspired by the work of Hopper and De Chirico, Charris shapes his own vision of the world in compositions that appear at first glance to be representational. However, the distinct fantastical elements deconstruct the narratives we thought we had understood, forcing us to further investigate their meanings. Between figuration and photographic naturalism, Charris’ work surprises us with the simplicity of its composition and the duality of its content. Further, the artist’s stylistic choices, from his treatment of colour to the effects he achieves with perspective, demonstrate his exceptional talent for painting.

Born in 1962, Spanish artist Ángel Mateo Charris has participated in more than one hundred solo and group exhibitions over the past twenty-five years. His work can be found in the collections of many prestigious museums such as the Reina Sofía National Museum in Madrid, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) and the Czech Museum of Fine Arts. A graduate of the University of San Carlos in Valencia, with a degree in Fine Arts, he currently lives and works in Spain.