Apr 29 – May 23, 2010

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Nicolas Mavrikakis, "Image-enquête", 6 mai 2010 (PDF)

Press Release

“In the world of our subconscious, emotions traditionally related to the personal realms of intimate relationships are far more recognized, but not more potent, than the emotions we experience as members of society as a whole… With these emotions, I am bringing what has been buried in our hearts and minds to the surface of our awareness, attempting to make our dreams awake.”

Elena Willis

Montreal, Thursday April 15, 2010 – Galerie D’Este is proud to present a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Elena Willis.

Willis’ photographs capture rich, layered scenes crafted by the artist to explore that which connects human beings to each other. Her interest in the collective unconscious and in symbols which are at once deeply personal and widely shared evokes an immediate emotional response in viewers. 

In her past work, she has focused on recreating dream imagery, drawing from both her own dreams and examples of prophetic dreams from history and literature. Her current work has taken a more metaphorical tone as she confronts the human need for closeness and the society of others, for good or ill. The otherworldly but at the same time utterly literal scenes she created demonstrate extraordinary versatility and commitment to her vision, and in each she captures the peak of the narrative with a single shot.

Born in England in 1979, Willis lives and works in Québec. In addition to earning her several awards including a Canada Council for the Arts grant in 2009, Elena’s work is part of many notable public and private collections, such as those of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery of Concordia University in Montreal. She was recently selected as one of fifteen Canadian artists to participate in the Art Montreal Contemporary exhibition in association with the 2010 Shanghai World’s Fair in May.