Nov 6 – Nov 28, 2010

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Press Release

“Recent works capture mysterious unbridled joy and secret desire – like peeking into a private party that's just hit its tipping point, as viewers we look with an unselfish voyeur's eye and come to recognize something of ourselves and people we know, what we hide, try to hide and can't hide.”

Robyn Fadden, Arts & Culture editor, Hour
(Extract from exhibition catalogue)

Galerie D’Este is proud to present Canadian artist Angela Grossmann’s first solo show in Quebec, which will feature over twenty of the artist’s new works.

Unconventional materials such as used tent canvas, and mixed media technique, including assemblage of photographs and materials obtained from flea markets and junk shops throughout Europe, contribute to the nostalgic tone of Angela Grossmann’s paintings. At the same time, Grossmann’s major theme remains relevant. The quest for identity, particularly in passing from adolescence into adulthood, is absolutely central to these images. By recontextualizing fragments of the past through a contemporary lens, Grossmann invites the viewer to identify with these figures and to wonder about their stories.

Born in London, England, in 1955, Angela Grossmann lives and works in British Columbia. Her work has received considerable recognition for over twenty-five years. In 1985, while she was still a student at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Grossmann was named to a list of the decade’s most influential painters. She also showed with the “Young Romantics” at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Grossmann earned her M.F.A. at Concordia in 1991 and taught at the University of Ottawa before returning to Vancouver in 1996, where she now teaches at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Grossmann’s works feature in several notable collections, among them those of the National Gallery of Canada and the Vancouver Art Gallery.