PAUSE PAPIER : Les mondes de Karine Demers et Megan Herwig


PAUSE PAPIER : Les mondes de Karine Demers et Megan Herwig
Feb 6 – Mar 1, 2020

Galerie D’Este is pleased to present Pause Papier : Les mondes de Karine Demers et Megan Herwig, the gallery’s first duo exhibition of recent works by paper based artists Megan Herwig and invited artist Karine Demers. Both artists use paper as a medium to reflect and meditate, the intricacy of their work invites us to pause and appreciate their created worlds.

Inspired by paper as her chosen medium, the folding of simple geometric forms in large numbers are the foundation for Karine Desmers’ hallucinating compositions. The forms are inspired by the techniques derived from traditional origami and mosaic. As daylight shifts shadows elongate and shorten effecting a kinetic quality to the work. Demers harnessed the constraints of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in combination with the eating disorder to become a vital creative force. Art Therapy allowed the artist to liberate her interior identity, to express her emotions and to empower herself as a person. The resulting work is one of reflection on the desire to put into place the concept of finding beauty in the vulnerability of our existence.

Megan Herwig creates collages of imaginary homesteads that, although located in a landless landscape, are very much inspired by the remoteness and quiet solitude found in the midst of nature. She is searching for the transformative experiences that happen when alone in the vast expanses of the desert or nestled tightly among the trees. These current works are contemplations on time – the passing of time, the illusion of time, the inability to grasp it, the desire to harness it, the theoretical possibilities beyond it, the transformative nature of it.

Karine Demers has lived and worked in Montreal since 1997 where she studied visual arts and interior design. In 2013 motivated by an Art Therapist she was referred to for a recurring nutritional condition she had been challenged with since childhood, Demers found that she could manage her wellness with the practice of this intense and meticulous art form. In this practice of great patience and delicacy, Demers first exhibited her work in 2015 to great interest. 

Megan Herwig was born in rural Pennsylvania, spent time in New England and the Pacific Northwest and now resides in the city of Pittsburgh with her husband and gray cat. She received a BFA in painting from Montserrat College of Art in 2005 and an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2013. Megan was recently awarded a Traveling Fellowship from SMFA at Tufts and immediately embarked on a series of road trips using the National Parks System as a framework through the west. She photographed all the structures and varying landscapes along the way, and her current work is based on them.