JEAN-PAUL JÉRÔME : Prisme de lumière


JEAN-PAUL JÉRÔME : Prisme de lumière
Oct 3 – Nov 10, 2019

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the artist’s death. With this milestone in mind, Galerie D'Este presents “Prisme de lumière”, an exhibition by the first-generation plasticien artist, Jean-Paul Jérôme RCA (1928-2004).
Presented in this exhibition are some twenty rarely-seen works from the 1990s, selected by Dominique and Johanne Jérôme. Inspired by the prism, the compositions resonate with the energy of colour and illustrate Jérôme’s mastery of this fundamental element of his visual language.
This exhibition precedes an important retrospective at the Musée d'art contemporain de Baie Saint-Paul curated by Martin Labrie. The retrospective, entitled Jean Paul Jérôme, 50 ans d’exploration formelle, will run from November 23rd to May 31st, 2020.
Jean-Paul Jérôme (1928-2004), co-signatory of the Manifeste des plasticiens (1955), is a significant figure in the history of Canadian art. After showing in many significant exhibitions in Canada, Jérôme was honored in 2003 with a major retrospective at the Musée du Bas-Saint-Laurent. In recognition of his place as one of the masters of the Plasticien movement, Jérôme was named to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1978. His works feature in many private, public and museum collections, such as those of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the National Gallery of Canada, the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, the Musée d'art contemporain de Baie-Saint Paul, the Musée du Bas Saint-Laurent and the Collection of the Université de Montréal. His work is represented by the Galerie D'Este in Montreal.