(1978 - )

My artistic practice is organized around questions related to memory and ancestors, temporality and identity, the invisible and phantasmagoric. In a poetic and conceptual approach, I explore how culture links us and informs us of our past and how it shapes our relationship to time and reality. My approach develops narratives that testify to temporal and identity research, rooted in drawing but finding extensions in the mediums of printmaking, sculpture, video and installation.
My projects in recent years have focused on research oriented to mythological narratives, processes of transformation and threshold spaces (such as the thresholds between the known and the unknown, science and myths, the world of the living and the world of the dead). In an emphasis on the dimensions of the imaginary and the dreamlike, my work is looking for a possible re-enchantment of reality, knowledge and the order of time. A re-enchantment that could invite us to reconsider the past, its value, and to re-imagine a different world. Through a poetic commitment to the world and its materials, I also wish to testify to the fragility and mystery of existence.