1989 -

Originally from Western Massachusetts in the United States, Robin Crofut-Brittingham is currently based in Montréal, Canada. She received her BA from Bard College in New York state with a focus on Poetry and Art History, and her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute with a focus on painting. She was a recipient of the Murphy Cadogan award through The San Francisco Foundation and a Martha Boschen Porter Award through the Berkshire Taconic Foundation. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada, and she is currently represented by Galerie D’Este in Montréal.

"Drawing inspiration from mythology, current events, science fiction, and personal history, my most recent work grows from a fascination with the ways in which humans interact with the natural world. In my paintings, I propose imagined, fantastical futures.  In some, humans have returned to a harmonious and survival-based mode of living that draws on sustainable practices of early mankind. They hunt, fish, and gather with careful respect for the landscape surrounding them. In another more post-apocalyptic future, nature has taken its revenge on mankind and turned itself back into a hostile, overgrown jungle where beauty and danger comingle, and evidence of previous human existence is slowly sinking back beneath the weeds."

-Robin Crofut-Brittingham