(b. 1985)

Spirituality has been part of my life and fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The marriage of my personal spiritual endeavor with my passion for fine arts generates a body of work that celebrates matter, spirit and soul. 

Continually seeking to define and enrich spiritual wisdom through studies and practices, my research centers on the practices of Tarot, Kabbalah, Vedism, lucid dreaming, alchemy and Spiritism. I transmit my discoveries along the way through my work, striving to unravel the invisible, translate perceptions, and communicate acquired knowledge of esoteric wisdom. Engaging my spiritual practice with my art practice allows me to not only share my vision, but more importantly to formulate my intuitions through a vessel of common growth.

Confronted by societal judgments towards objects, some series question form and the due placement of objects. Others offer transcendental tools to viewers. With tools artworks, I aspire to achieve purification of the object through which to represent the trace of a moment. Employing the language of the heart, I hope to engage the public in contemplation while speaking directly to their subconscious. Thereby, I consider my art practice as parent to alchemy and witness to initiation.   

Of the more critical artworks created, sarcasm and humour are frequently employed as elaborate and aggressively decorative shells that resonate to consumerism. Confronted by such a playful veneer, a will that may be encumbered by judgmental blockages can encounter pathways by which to renounce limiting beliefs. Most of all, I am steered by the desire to create useful and healing artworks that, in some way or another, can contribute to improved collective wellbeing.

-Nika Fontaine