for bad bots



(1974 - )


During the course of the last several years of my studio practice I have been exploring ideas of presence, omnipresence, and absence from the perspective of the viewer through contained ceremonial space, ruins, anatomy and landscape. Recent works are inspired by my travels to Italy, Greece, Peru, Wyoming and the North American southwest both visually and culturally through linguistic evolution.

To the fullest extent of our understanding, the human race is the only known species that records it’s own history, and as a result anticipates it’s future through self-referential evidence. We are simultaneously empirical and random. I want the viewer to experience through the removal of self, the contradictory result of a more introspective sense of the moment that we currently occupy, and with that knowledge proceed with a greater sense of purpose toward the future.

Matter, light, and sound are temporal in nature and the growth or decay of these concepts is relative to their respective compositions and the viewer’s proximity to their development. My intention is to capture multiple possibilities simultaneously in a fixed composition.

-Nathan Wasserbauer