(b. 1984)

Born in Saskatoon in 1984. Lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Megan Krause grew up in the two prairie cities of Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Working with watercolor, acrylic, India ink and oil paint, her paintings incorporate imagery both sentimental and foreboding. In light of our growing population and rising global temperatures,  she is concerned for our suffering environment and how we might continue to dwell here. She feels compelled to explore both the uncertainties as well as the sense of resilience and whimsy that nature readily responds with. The imagery she uses reflects the ironic nature of progress, as defined by us, in a world where all things perish. By beginning a painting with play and intuition, the subsequent process of creative problem solving sees the painting to its fruition. 

Megan's work can be found in the Canada Council for the Arts, Art Bank collection.