(b. 1970)


“Paper is the perfect medium with which to capture human emotions and body language expressions. The very properties of paper are a reflection of the human condition, with aspects of strength and great weakness, as opposed to the imperviousness of stone or metal.

I revel in the warm grittiness of this medium, its potential to create multi-layered surfaces, and the rich expressiveness and uniqueness of its sculpted folds. One could spend the rest of one’s life crumpling paper and no two balls of wrinkled paper would be exactly alike, much like people. If you grasp a piece of paper and try to pull it apart along its grain you realize that it is very strong, yet when you use a ripping motion, it tears easily. A sheet of paper can be smooth to the touch, and yet can also be sharp enough to draw blood. The multifaceted properties of paper represent the complexities of the human psyche.”

-Ivan Markovic